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I am working with people online from all over the world from different backgrounds, countries and religions.

My coaching approach is focused on the personal feelings, needs and preferences of each individual. I can guide you through your thinking and feelings, so that you can establish a connection between your thoughts/feelings and your behaviour.

My coaching approach is to understand people and give them the help they need, which is a bit more structured and goals oriented. That said I don’t have a pre-set plan for everyone, I let the process happen as it needs to with me facilitating it by being present, listening and sharing my insight. I see the problem, I find the solution.

After that it depends on each person, what they want, and what they are ready to understand and prepared to do for it. From your side all is needed is true awareness and commitment to yourself to make the decisions that are right for you. You are in charge of your life and in control of your choices, so you can be flexible to adjust to your needs and feel free to acknowledge your feelings.

I appreciate that you need to make your decisions based on your needs, willingness, time and money. That said, I will tell you what I think would be best and what you can expect based on what you want to achieve.

In the beginning, I think it’s a good idea to allow things unfold on their own terms. You sharing what you need to share and me getting the idea and the feel for who you are, where you are, how you think, the beliefs you have, etc… The more I understand you, the better I can serve you.

Sometimes when you let things unfold, you may end up in places that leave you feeling confused, pressured, and overwhelmed. So, I just want you to know, that if you feel any of these, it’s OK:) And that I am here for you and I’m sure that with your willingness and perceptiveness (not sure if I just came up with a new word) we’ll figure it all out 🙂


I want to make sure that our sessions are helpful, productive, and enjoyable for you without too much exhaustion. Marathon rather than sprint type of idea.

The first video call session will give us a big overview to see where you are and where you’d like to go in your relationship. It will also help me understand you better. After that, I am happy to do video calls, emails, or both – whatever works for you.

Once we have an overview of your situation. Then we can prioritise by making a list of the more important things to cover first. Based on that we can make a short and a long term plan with more specific goals.

In terms of coaching in general, I will adapt to your pace. So I just want you to know that I am ok with whatever you decide in terms of frequency and duration of video calls. I initially recommend sessions twice a week, but depending on your circumstances we can work with one session a week.

I am happy to work with people as much as they need me. If we discuss more complicated issues, it may take a bit longer and be more often. Whereas simpler things can be discussed and cleared up quicker. It all depends on what you want and how committed you are to implement changes in your life.


Staying in a relationship that doesn’t work

Recognise when the relationship is no longer healthy. Many couples stay in a toxic relationship because of attachment, commitment, convenience or fear of being alone. None of these is going to make you feel fulfilled.

Compromising your personal well-being

Don’t compromise what’s important for you. Many couples stay in a long-distance relationship indefinitely. Without a clear goal and idea of where your relationship is going will only bring doubts and insecurities which will leave you feeling anxious and depressed.

Ignoring and suppressing your feelings

It’s tempting to ignore the problems, wishing for them to go away, but they don’t. Instead, they accumulate, and they negatively affect your relationship and your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Couples Coaching?

Couples coaching is a goal-oriented approach to help you create a healthy relationship. We do it in 3 steps:
1) In our first session, I will hear you out to learn about your situation and your priorities.
2) The second session is with your partner, where they have time to share their view on your relationship.
3) A group session with you and your partner that will help you understand each other and create a meaningful connection.

Why Should I Choose Online Coaching?

Online coaching comes with all the convenience at a reduced cost. Relationship advice online is convenient. You can get help when you need it the most: at home, at work or on the go. There is no need for special arrangements, and you don’t have to travel to your appointment. Choose the time that suits you best.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

It takes 2-3 sessions for a couple to understand the underlying causes of their problems. How long it will take to work out these problems will depend on the effort you and your partner will make.

Does Online Coaching Work For A Long-Distance Relationship?

Online coaching is perfect for a long-distance relationship.
• The distance puts extra pressure on your relationship.
• You need help but don’t have an opportunity to see a coach.
• You are already talking to your partner online, so it’s easy to arrange an online conference with both of you, wherever you are.

Relationship Coaching Payment & Fees

Regarding the payment, you can pay directly on the website. I am using stripe payment gateway, which is totally safe and so you just pay with your card, on the coaching page where you found the prices.

Relationship Coaching vs Counselling

Counselling is usually for people to go and express how they feel and what is in their minds. Coaching helps you understand what’s important for you, what do you want to achieve, and making a clear and actionable plan to get there.