Online Relationship

Do online relationships work?

Any relationship only works as much as the amount of work you put into it. So, your relationship in general is what you make it, and the fact that it is online is no different. You can pretend to be someone else or you can be a more honest self.

How do you have a successful online relationship?

Meeting somebody online can be exciting, because there is a wonder of anticipation to meet one day. Having to live away from each other after forming a relationship is a lot harder as you now know what you are missing out. With the former, it is important to be yourself from the beginning and the latter requires an enormous amount of trust to freely express your feelings and welcome the expression of another in a non-judgemental manner.

How do you maintain an online relationship?

Honesty is the most fundamental cornerstone for a healthy relationship, online or otherwise. When you are miles away from each other, the physical presence is missing, so it is important to remind yourselves that you are still exist right now, only in a different place.

Are online friendships healthy?

Friendships are defined in so many different ways. As long as both of your definitions of friendship align, and you are able to prioritise honesty above all else, you can have friends in your life, no matter what part of the world you are in.

Can you fall in love over the Internet?

We develop warm and loving feelings towards an image of a person, what we perceive that person to be. Interacting over the Internet takes away the physical parameters, therefor leaving more room for imagination.

What are the benefits of getting relationship advice online?

First of all, relationship advice online is convenient as you can ask your burning questions on the go, before you are face to face with a situation. Without the necessity of having premises, it reduces the cost and becomes more affordable to those who would otherwise see it as a luxury.

Why receive a relationship advice over the chat?

Privacy. You can easily be the only one looking at your screen, which allows for a freer expression of what’s on your mind. 
Clarity. It tends to be more demanding to express yourself in writing. This makes you think harder in order to formulate your thoughts. On many occasion this alone is very powerful, as you already have a lot of the answers.