Relationship Coaching

What is Couples Coaching?

Couples coaching is a goal-oriented approach to help you create a healthy relationship. We do it in 3 steps:
1) In our first session, I will hear you out to learn about your situation and your priorities.
2) The second session is with your partner, where they have time to share their view on your relationship.
3) A group session with you and your partner that will help you understand each other and create a meaningful connection.

Why should I choose Online Coaching?

Online coaching comes with all the convenience at a reduced cost. Relationship advice online is convenient. You can get help when you need it the most: at home, at work or on the go. There is no need for special arrangements, and you don’t have to travel to your appointment. Choose the time that suits you best.

How many sessions do I need?

It takes 2-3 sessions for a couple to understand the underlying causes of their problems. How long it will take to work out these problems will depend on the effort you and your partner will make.

Does Online Coaching work for a Long-Distance Relationship?

Online coaching is perfect for a long-distance relationship.
• The distance puts extra pressure on your relationship.
• You need help but don’t have an opportunity to see a coach.
• You are already talking to your partner online, so it’s easy to arrange an online conference with both of you, wherever you are.

What is relationship advice?

Relationship advice is a suggestion on how to resolve conflicts in a relationship.

Who is the best person to give relationship advice?

Relationship advice is given by a person who is able to hear out each individual involved in a relationship, objectively assess the situation and give an impartial suggestion that would benefit everyone.

What is the best relationship advice you can give someone?

The best relationship advice is the one that equally benefits every person in a relationship.

What are the benefits of getting relationship advice online?

First of all, relationship advice online is convenient as you can ask your burning questions on the go, before you are face to face with a situation. Without the necessity of having premises, it reduces the cost and becomes more affordable to those who would otherwise see it as a luxury.

Why receive relationship advice over the chat?

Privacy. You can easily be the only one looking at your screen, which allows for a freer expression of what’s on your mind.
Clarity. It tends to be more demanding to express yourself in writing. This makes you think harder in order to formulate your thoughts. On many occasion, this alone is very powerful, as you already have a lot of the answers.