Long-Distance Relationship Messages

Long-Distance Relationship Messages

Long-distance relationship messages, either way, you can share your thoughts and feelings with your long-distance partner.

There are many types of messages you can send to your partner in a long-distance relationship:

  • Emotional messages
  • Romantic messages
  • Sad messages
  • Sweet and cute messages
  • Deep messages
  • Inspirational messages
  • Thank you messages
  • Apology messages
  • Break up messages

When you lived together with your partner, you mostly communicate face-to-face. In the long-distance relationship, couples use online means to keep in touch. And face-to-face communication is reserved for when you visit your long-distance partner.

One thing to remember is that your partner may not receive the message in the way you intended. That’s why clarity and communication are very important, particularly in a long-distance relationship.

When you’re communicating via online means with your long-distance partner, misunderstandings are very common. Clear communication in a long-distance relationship can help you put your message across in a way that your partner understands what you’re trying to say.

How to convey a message in a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationship messages have several aspects:

  • How you transmit the message
  • What do you intend the message to be
  • The way you write the message

When you send messages to your long-distance partner, you should send a follow-up message to ask them how they interpreted your message.

There are several ways you can communicate your messages in a long-distance relationship:

  • Face-to-face
  • Video calls
  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Handwritten letters
  • Gifts

Emotional messages for a long-distance relationship

When you’re writing an emotional message in a long-distance relationship, you are talking about your emotions. When your long-distance partner is going to read this message they may have a different emotional response to what you’re saying.

The downside of writing emotional text messages is that you don’t know what your long-distance partner’s response to your message. When they are reading your message, they are essentially by themselves.

If your long-distance partner has any doubts or reservations about your situation it is likely they will have a negative emotional response. And you won’t be there to hold their hand and to reassure them.

Another downside to writing emotional text messages is that when emotions are involved, logic and common sense tend to disappear. If this happens, this situation can get from bad to worse very quickly.

If you are feeling emotional and you need to share your feelings with your long-distance partner, you can mention in a text message that you would like to talk to them. Together, you can arrange a video call to discuss and express your emotions.

Romantic messages for a long-distance relationship

Romantic messages are a great way to show your long-distance partner that you are thinking about them. You can write romantic text messages to express your love.

Better yet, write a handwritten letter to express something positive about how they contribute to your life and your relationship.

Romantic messages are not limited to text messages. Romantic messages are more like gestures that remind your partner that you care for them. A romantic text message is an easy way to show that. 

The romantic letter requires a little bit more effort but is a lot more personal. You can also send your long-distance partner a romantic gift, something they can carry around or where to signify that you’re always with them.

Sad messages for a long-distance relationship

In a long-distance relationship, you are already separated from your partner physically. This already brings about a certain degree of sadness.

When you’re writing sad text messages to your long-distance partner, you can make a sad situation even more negative.

Like with any emotional text message, you won’t be able to see the response that your partner has to your sad text message. It will be all alone with that sadness without having anyone to hold them.

Sweet and cute messages for a long-distance relationship

Sweet and cute text messages can put a smile on your partner’s face. Long-distance relationships can get hard sometimes.

Sending a short sweet message now and then can I help lighten up the mood of your long-distance relationship.

Deep messages for a long-distance relationship

You should discuss deep topics in your long-distance relationship over video calls. Text messages often contain shortcuts, misspellings, and lack of punctuation. To discuss deep topics you need to have a great level of understanding.

Text messages are great for short and sweet messages or a quick question. If you start discussing deep and meaningful topics, the meaning can easily get lost on the journey from you typing your deep thoughts and your long-distance back in interpreting them in the way your intent. It also takes longer to write messages then it is to express yourself on a video call.

With that said, if you have I thought or an idea that you may lose, later on, it’s okay to share it with your partner over a text message. And if you are on the train for example and you have a few hours to spare, then discussing deeper topics can help you pass the time.

The advantage of discussing deeper topics over a text message is that it gives you plenty of time to think before you respond.

If these deeper conversations involve your relationship, then it’s better to leave them for video calls. But if they are general ideas then discussing them over text message is great.

Inspirational messages for a long-distance relationship

Short inspirational messages can cheer up your long-distance partner. These messages don’t require your partner’s response, so they can read it be inspired and carry on with their day.

Thank you messages for a long-distance relationship

It’s always nice to receive a thank you message from your long-distance relationship partner. If you have any reason to show your gratitude and appreciation to your long-distance partner, you should do it.

Sending a text message is a quick and easy way to say thank you. If you want your message to be more meaningful, you can write a letter with a card or a photograph. And if you decide to give it more weight you can send a gift.

When you write a thank you text message or a letter, talk about how your partner helped you.

Express what exactly did they do that made your life more wonderful. Tell them exactly how your situation has improved thanks to them.

Apology messages for a long-distance relationship

An apology message is not about saying you’re sorry. Many people say they’re sorry and carry on doing the same things.

If you want to send an apology message to your long-distance partner, tell them why you did what you did. You can mention that you have reflected on your decision and the outcome. And now you can see how you could have done things differently.

You can add an apology message by saying that when they face a similar decision next time you would do it differently. You can also ask your long-distance partner to tell you how they perceive the situation and what would they have liked you to do.

An apology letter is more about exploring the situation and seeing how it could have been handled more healthily.

It’s a way you can demonstrate that you care about your partner’s feelings and can make an effort to make better decisions in the future. It’s also a kind of promise that should a similar situation arise, you will consider your long-distance partner‘s feelings before making a decision.

Break up messages for a long-distance relationship

Break up messages shouldn’t exist. If you are unhappy in your long-distance relationship, you should talk to your long-distance partner about it.

Together, you can discuss your situation your feelings and make a way forward that works for both of you. You started your relationship together, and you should finish it together.

If you resort to breaking up over a message a phone call or any other way telling your partner of your decision. You are not only disrespecting them, but you are disrespecting yourself. If you choose to break up over a message in this relationship, you will carry the same behaviour into your next relationship.


When you’re in a long-distance relationship, most of your communication is through video calls phone calls or text messages.

One thing that all of these have in common is the necessity to keep your messages clear. Clear communication will help you to keep your relationship healthy and avoid unnecessary confusion and conflict.

Where they differ, is the type of messages you send by each of these means of communication. Text messages are good for short messages and quick questions. When you send a text message to your long-distance relationship partner, try to keep one point per message.

If you are mentioning many points in one message, your long-distance partner my skim through your message and only respond to one point. This can be frustrating for you because you’ll have to repeat other points over and over until you get a reply. Text messages are the least personal way of communicating with your long-distance partner.

If you want to express love, gratitude, or appreciation to your long-distance partner, sending them a handwritten letter is one of the best ways to do it. A long-distance relationship letter will give you a chance to think and express everything you want to express do your long-distance partner. When your partner receives a letter, they can take that time reading it, absorbing everything you say and holding onto every word.

Handwritten letters are also great because your long-distance partner can keep them as something tangible and physical, they can have it on their desk or benefit of the wall to remind them about the connection we have with you.

Phone calls are more personal than text messages because you hear your partner’s voice so you can better understand their responses by what they say and how they say it.

In a long-distance relationship when you’re away from your partner, The most intimate way to communicate is through video calls. When you are video calling each other your little long-distance partner you can hear their voice and see their facial expressions. This way of communicating is good enough to talk about my serious things, which you should avoid talking about via text messages or phone calls.

Some conversations can be very personal and can determine the course of your whole relationship. This kind of conversations you should have these conversations when you see each other during your visit. A good practice is to tell your partner beforehand that there are some things you would like to talk about but you would like to wait for when you meet to talk about them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good messages for a long-distance relationship?

Short and sweet messages are great for a long-distance relationship. If you want to talk more seriously about your relationship, video calling is a better option. Learn more

Is it OK to break up a long-distance relationship over a message?

It’s not OK to break up over a message. In fact, instead of telling your long-distance partner that you’ve decided to break up, tell them how you feel, what you want, and what’s not working for you. If you decide to end your long-distance relationship, you should do it together. Learn more

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