How To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Fun And Exciting

How to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Fun And Exciting

This workbook is for anyone who is struggling in a long-distance relationship.

The distance brings many uncertainties into a relationship, which in turn, sparkle doubts. Unresolved doubts accumulate and turn into problems and arguments. Before you know it, you are no longer enjoying your relationship. 

At some point, you start asking yourself if this relationship is even worth it. Should you try to make it work, or should you just let it go? If you are at this point, it’s time to make a change. 

So, How can this workbook help you?

This workbook will help you reflect on your relationship and find ways to make it more exciting.

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Staying in a relationship that doesn’t work.

Recognise when the relationship is no longer healthy. Many couples stay in a toxic relationship because of attachment, commitment, convenience or fear of being alone. None of these is going to make you feel fulfilled.

Compromising your personal well-being

Don’t compromise what’s important for you. Many couples stay in a long-distance relationship indefinitely. Without a clear goal and idea of where your relationship is going will only bring doubts and insecurities which will leave you feeling anxious and depressed.

Ignoring and suppressing your feelings

It’s tempting to ignore the problems, wishing for them to go away, but they don’t. Instead, they accumulate, and they negatively affect your relationship and your well-being.

How to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Fun And Exciting

Don’t let yourself feel stuck and powerless – YOU ARE HERE NOW!
Take this first step to a better life and a healthy relationship.

Price: £8.99