Long-Distance Relationships Guide

You will have an in-depth review of your relationship. You will dig in deep every aspect of your long-distance relationship and explore each area in great detail. 

You won’t leave any stone unturned. You will be guided to share your feelings, doubts and concerns about your relationship. 

Giving you an opportunity to express your feelings, doubts, and concerns that you’ve ever had about the distance and your relationship as a whole. 

Naturally you are facing a lot of uncertainty while making some of the biggest decisions of your life. All of these may feel confusing and overwhelming creating many doubts.

So, how do you know you are making the right decision when you are under so much pressure?

This is your ULTIMATE GUIDE to help you create a healthy, happy and successful long-distance relationship.

Here, you will learn about yourself and your ideal partner to check how compatible you are. You will also get to explore your current relationship, assess what problems you have and how to fix them.

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When you started your relationship you had certain ideas and expectations about your partner.
But, with time your relationship turned out to be different from what you had in mind.

Deep down you know things are not going well and it’s time to work them out.

If you are having problems in your long-distance relationship, you may find yourself at one of these stages:

  1. You feel that your relationship isn’t working. 
  2. You are not sure why your relationship isn’t working. 
  3. You have an idea of the issues in your relationship. 
  4. You have issues that you would like address with your partner. 
  5. You don’t know how to bring up these issues. 
  6. When you bring them up your partner doesn’t see them as issues/ ignores these issues. 
  7. Your partner acts defensively to any issues you are trying to address. 
  8. Your attempt to solve these problems turns into arguments. 
  9. Everything you tried isn’t working, you want resolution but don’t know what to do. 

So, how do you do that?


By offering your partner to work with you through the problems using this workbook, you will find out if your partner is willing to make an effort and to do what it takes to make your relationship work.

  • If your partner welcomes this opportunity to resolve your issues, you know they are committed to you and your relationship.
  • But, if your partner refuses to go through this process with you, then you know it’s time to move on from this relationship.

Questions in this workbook have been selected by professional coaches based on years of experience helping couples and individuals alike. As you progress through this workbook, you will explore deeper areas of your relationship and uncover what is really going on at the fundamental level.

Throughout this workbook you will:

  • Bring up the issues to your partner that you don’t know how to. 
  • Test the willingness and commitment both of you have to your relationship.
  • Identify what’s important for you and your relationship.
  • Work on the specific area of your relationship as you would during a coaching session. 

This workbook is the next best thing after a coaching session!
(But, if you would like a coaching session, send us a message)



You will

  • Objectively reflect on every aspect of your relationship from seeing if you are compatible to identifying what both of you want and expect from this relationship.
  • Make a clear plan to work through the distance while addressing all the new questions of your future life together. 
  • Assess your relationship as a whole to see if it’s worth making it work through the distance phase until you can move in together. 


You will:

  • Get a deeper understanding of each other’s preferences regarding different aspects of your relationship. 
  • Set short-term and long-term goals for your relationship.
  • Make a clear plan and a specific timeline to achieve these goals.
  • Identify problems concerning each area of your LDR and find solutions that work for both of you.


You will know:

  • If you are compatible. 
  • If your LDR is healthy. 
  • How to handle every aspect of your LDR from setting goals to building trust and maintaining intimacy as well as making it fun and exciting. 
  • If this relationship is worth the time, efforts and money you invested in making it work. 
  • If your ideas, assumptions and expectations about your relationship are objective and realistic. 


Inside this workbook you will find:

  • Topic overview
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Section guide
  • Examples, ideas, questions and exercises for you and your partner

Here’s a sneak preview





  1. Click HERE buy this workbook.
  2. After you make a payment, you will receive a workbook pdf via an email.
  3. Make sure to save the file on your computer before you begin working with it and save any changes as you progress.

We’ve created a fillable pdf that allows you to:

  • Work with it from your computer
  • Share it with your partner
  • Work on it together when you see each other
  • Make a copy of the workbook
  • Send an empty copy to your partner
  • Fill it in separately and compare your answers

If you need some help along the way, send me a message.
Describe your situation, challenges and what you’d like to achieve.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with some amazing ideas and suggestions:)


Do long-distance relationships work?

Long-distance relationships work for people who meet online and want to get to know each other better. They also work for couples who are relocating and have to be apart for some time. In any case, it’s better if you can make it a short phase in your relationship. To make your LDR work takes understanding, effective communication, having specific goals, a plan and a timeline.

How to make online long-distance relationships work?

To make a long-distance relationship work online, you need to have clear, open, and honest communication. It’s only possible if you work on improving your communication. You also need a clear plan on how to manage your relationship long-distance and a strategy to fix problems when they come around.

How to make a long term long-distance relationship work?

Long-distance relationships aren’t meant to last for a long time. A romantic relationship implies physical intimacy. In a long-distance relationship, you only see your partner once every few weeks or once a month. Lack of physical intimacy can lead to sexual frustration and negatively impact your relationship and your overall well-being.

How long can your LDR last without physical intimacy?

Every person has a different need for sexual intimacy. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you may need physical intimacy more than your long-distance partner. In this case, it will be harder for you to cope with being away from them for a long time. The healthy way to deal with it is to talk about your feelings and needs with your partner. Together, you can find a way forward that works for both of you.

What to do if your LDR isn’t working?

If your relationship isn’t working, try out this workbook and if you can’t still figure out how to improve your relationship book a coaching session to discuss in detail your situation and find a way that will work for you and your partner. Long-distance relationships can work great for a short while provided you have a clear plan for moving in together. Staying in an LDR for too long can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted and confused.

How do you know your LDR isn’t working?

You will feel generally unhappy. You will have constant arguments and misunderstandings. You may lack the excitement you had at the beginning of your relationship.

Will this workbook really help me?

If you can see certain issues in your relationship but your partner is avoiding to talk about it through the questions in this workbook you can bring these issues in a neutral way. Through these questions you will be able to bring up the issue that will seem to your partner that they are coming from a specialist and not from you. This helps when your partner has negative emotions towards you or your situation that causes them act defensively, rejecting everything you say just because it’s coming from, you despite of what you are trying to say.

How exactly will this workbook improve my LDR?

This workbook will give you clarity and help you see if you and your partner are on the same page in your relationship. It will help you discover if you have the same goals. If you do, the next thing would be to do a plan and a timeline to achieve them, and if you don’t, then you know it’s time to move on from this relationship.

Do I really need this workbook to improve my relationship or can I do it by myself?

This workbook has been put together by professional coaches with years of experience. It will guide you through the difficult topics that could be difficult to bring up on your own, yet are necessary if you are to have a healthy and successful relationship.