Your Relationship Looks Good

Starting a long-distance relationship with someone you just met


Being apart from your partner isn’t easy, so very well done to you both for handling the distance so well. 

You are lucky that you get to see each other as much as you like. Regular visits help you maintain physical intimacy and avoid the problems that come with it. Keep it up!

It looks that you and your partner have a healthy relationship with good communication. You can talk about everything in your life, from mundane things to important things that matter. 

An emotional connection that you maintain in your relationship is based on trust and understanding. Staying connected helps you navigate the distance in your relationship. 

Sounds like you have found a healthy balance to manage your disagreements and reach an understanding in a harmonious way. 

You appear to know where you want your relationship to go. Having a plan is the best way to stay on top of your personal goals. 

Relationships aren’t about compromise. They are about communicating your needs and finding ways to help each other and be happy together. 

So, well done to you both for having what it takes to create a Healthy Long-Distance Relationship!

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